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Spinfire Pro 1 Tennis Ball Machine
Two years of warranty, battery six months
Spinfire Pro 1 is the basic model of Spinfire tennis ball machines Good Partner Sport sells in Norway (Norge).
Spinfire Pro 1 tennis ball machine
Features of Spinfire Pro 1 tennis ball machines:
  • Ball speed from 32 km/h to the top speed of 128 km/h
  • Extreme top spin and back spin. When you can handle the highest level of spin, there will be no problem to deal with the spin of any opponents
  • Ball interval 2-15 seconds
  • Horizontal oscillation, varying shots with different width
Horizontal Oscillation-Medium
Spinfire Pro 1 tennis ball machine, Horizontal Oscillation Medium
Horizontal Oscillation-Wide
Spinfire Pro 1 tennis ball machine, horizontal oscillation wide
  • Battery time: 3-8 hours
  • Ball Capacity: 200 balls
  • Weight: 22.5 kg
  • Internal oscillation. Not as traditional ball machine which moves the whole body of the machine in horizontal oscillation, Spinfire horizontal oscillation sweeps  the oscillating mechanism inside of the machine, making shots less foreseeable
  • Solid wheels and suitcase-like handle, making the tennis ball machines easy to move
Spinfire Pro 1 tennis ball machine, transport position
  • Spinfire Pro 1 is controlled by a touch control panel with a backlit LCD screen showing  settings, battery life, and diagnostic information.

Comparison between Spinfire Pro 1 and Spinfire Pro 2 control panels
Comparison of Spinfire Pro 1 and Spinfire Pro 2 Tennis Ball Machine control panels
  • Memory: After spending time learning your favorite settings and inputting them into the machine, it’s nice to know that they are memorized. Each time you turn on the machine it recalls the last settings of interval, speed and spin you were using.
To simply compare Spinfire Pro 1 with Spinfire Pro 2, Spinfire Pro 1 tennis ball machines do NOT have the following features but with lower price:
1. Remote control
2. Vertical oscillation
3. Two-line drills
Optional accessories:
Premium fast charger, Cover, and Carry case.
Spinfire Pro 1 has similar features as Lobster Elite 1. However, One advantage of Spinfire Pro 1 over Lobster Elite 1 is that if you buy a Spinfire Pro 1 tennis ball machine and after a while you find that you like the features of Spinfire Pro 2, you can update your Spinfire Pro 1 tennis ball machine into Spinfire Pro 2 via your distributor at the cost of 3500 kroners.
Spinfire Pro 1 Web Shop
Spinfire Pro 1
Standard Charger Included Ball capacity: 200 balls Horizontal oscillation
Price: kr 20 500,00
Premium Fast Charger (Optional)
4.8 A charger, will fully charge the machine in 4-5 hours (standard charger 11-13 hours)
Price: kr 1 300,00
Carry Case (Optional)
Water resistant Pockets for storing remote control, charger, and other items
Price: kr 750,00